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Five packing tips for three-week trips

Five packing tips for three-week trips Jetting off on a three-week trip? You lucky thing! Research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that it takes eight full days to truly relax on holiday, so if you’re only jetting off for a week or two, you’re coming home before you’ve really had a chance to get in the chilled holiday vibe. Instead, three-week holidays give you far more time to explore your destination, or simply to kick back and forget all about work for a while.

However, the longer the trip, the more complicated packing becomes. You might buy a bigger case and upgrade your luggage allowance, but you still need to tackle key questions. How can you keep your clothes fresh into the third week? Can you pack a different outfit for every day, or is that Kardashian-level extra? And what about shoes?

Luckily, the Citybond Suretravel team has all the answers to your pressing packing questions if you’re off on an extended break from the norm.
Use vacuum compression packs to organise your clothes

Use vacuum compression packs to organise your clothes

Vacuum compression packs provide a double win for a longer trip: not only do they create more space in your suitcase, but they also mean you can to organise your outfits. Unless you’re planning to bring tons of luggage, you’re unlikely to be able to squeeze in a different outfit for every day and night of your trip, so chronological organisation is out. What does really help however is to separate your garments out by type: one bag for dresses, another for trousers and shorts, another for tops, and one for underwear and swimwear. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag for your laundry too.
Wash your clothes on the go

Wash your clothes on the go

On a longer trip, keeping your clothes fresh presents more of a challenge - but despair not, it is possible. One easy hack is to stick some laundry sheets in your compression packs or packing cubes: these will keep your clothes detergent-scented so that even when it’s been a while, your travel companions will be none the wiser. It’s also worth bringing travel detergent anyway: it means that a stain on your favourite top on the first night doesn’t have to mean it’s out of rotation for the rest of the trip. If that’s too much hassle, embrace the hotel laundry, or if you’re travelling on a budget, look out for laundry establishments outside of the hotel.
Give your shoes some TLC

Give your shoes some TLC

Unless you’re planning to bring 30 different pairs of brand new shoes on your three-week trip - and, believe us, no judgement if that’s your plan - your shoes are probably going to get a little dirty. While we understand you don’t want to spend your holiday polishing away like a Victorian shoeshine, it is worth giving your shoes a little TLC before putting them back in your suitcase. Simply wipe away any dirt or mud using wet wipes, place socks inside to help your shoes retain their shape, and wrap your shoes in shower caps so no remaining dirt gets transferred to your clothes. If you want to make sure they remain freshly scented, buy some deodorising shoe spray ahead of your trip.
Avoid white or easily-creased garments

Avoid white or easily-creased garments

As we’ve mentioned, you may need the assistance of a nearby laundry to remain looking fresh, but you’ll still need to re-wear some pieces before they’re washed. Spending the day in a white outfit means spending the day trying to avoid dirt that will inevitably find you. No matter how careful you are, it seems like the powers that be are out to punish anyone who dares to venture out in a dangerously light ensemble. So avoid bringing them along. Equally, easily-creased garments are the enemy of the traveller so avoid.
Try outfits on ahead of time

Try outfits on ahead of time

The real trick to packing for a three-week holiday is to bring separates that all match, so it’s easy to create stylish new looks with the same pieces. Chucking all your tops, trousers and skirts in your suitcase won’t do the job: you could end up with a bunch of mismatched outfits you don’t feel great in, and take up precious case space with garments you never end up wearing. Instead, go through your holiday clothes, and try on different combinations - including shoes and accessories. Bring along the pieces that work a number of different ways, and leave the rest at home. If you’re feeling extra fabulous, take pictures of yourself in each outfit at home - that way, you can just flick through your phone in the morning to see which look you’re feeling.
Wherever you plan on heading to this year it’s good to know that Citybond Suretravel is committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure you are safe and secure 24 hours a day when away.

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