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Staff Recognition Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Business
Awarded to the individual who demonstrates initiative, creativity, hard work and

Anil Godigamuwe Andrew Ing
Raj Patel

Employee of the Year
Awarded to the employee who excels in all areas of his/her work, always gets a job done, is considered to be most helpful to their colleagues and is a great team player.

Karen Houlican Laura Sullivan
Sajid Sayed

Outstanding Customer Service
Awarded to the individual who consistently delivers service above and beyond the highest standards.

Lucie Shaw Tracey Robe
Elaine Angell

Salesperson of the Year
Awarded to the call centre team member with the highest sales conversion rates across all of the group’s products.

Sajid Sayed Seema Ganatra
Umran Bhoja

Lifetime Commitment Award
This award recognises loyalty, flexibility, reliability and dedication to the company over a number of years.

Suresh Lakhani Ivan Miller
Jan Skelley

Best Sense of Humour
Awarded to the person who always makes people smile and positively contributes to, builds and maintains morale.

Hayley Holland Warren Bristow
David Garvin

The Award for Excellence
Awarded on behalf of the Board of Directors to the person who always runs that extra mile and whose efforts and dedication have improved the way we do things as a company.

In December 2006 this was awarded to Manish Kiranagi.

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