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Calling Us

We have changed our 0845 prefixed numbers with 033* prefixed numbers in preparation for the OFCOM changes. Please note that the 0845 numbers in your existing documentation will continue to operate but you will incur extra charges as specified below. To avoid these additional charges please check our websites for the 033* number to call.

1st July 2015 OFCOM Changes :
Calls to a service number starting with 08, 09 or 118 so that the cost of calling service numbers is clear to everyone. The new system will affect all calls from consumer mobiles and landlines to 08, 09 and 118 numbers.

The cost of calling service numbers will be made up of 2 parts:

An Access Charge :
This part of the call change goes to your phone company, charged as pence per minute. They will tell you how much the access charge will be for calls to service numbers. It will be made clear on bills and when you take out a contract.

A Service Charge :
This is the rest of the call charge. The organisation you are calling decides this and will tell you how much it is for example
“Calls cost X pence per minute plus your phone company’s network access charge.”
For Citybond 0845 numbers, the Service Charge costs i.e. X pence per minute are shown below:

  1. 0845 223 nnnn - 3 pence per minute
  2. 0845 618 nnnn - 3 pence per minute
  3. 0845 345 nnnn - 3 pence per minute
  4. 0845 026 nnnn - 2 pence per minute
  5. 0845 673 nnnn - 2 pence per minute
  6. 0845 266 nnnn - 5 pence per minute

These rules will apply to all consumer calls to 084, 087, 09 and 188 numbers across the UK delivering clearer rates for everyone.

The changes do not affect calls made to ordinary landline numbers (01, 02), 03 numbers or mobile (07) numbers. Neither do they affect calls made from payphones, international calls or calls to the UK when roaming overseas.

Freephone :
In addition, all Freephone numbers (which begin 0800 or 0808) are being made free for consumers to call from all phones, whether mobile or landline.

Accepted conditions

The following medical conditions are automatically covered and you do not need to tell us about them, as long as you:
  1. have no other pre-existing medical conditions which are not listed below
  2. are not awaiting surgery for the condition
  3. have been fully discharged from any post-operative follow-up
Please click here to read the Special Terms

Special Terms

In addition to any Medical Condition on the list above, you may be automatically accepted for cover, provided You do not have more than ONE of the following Medical Conditions or ANY other Pre-existing Medical Condition.

Arthritis (Arthromyalgia, Joint Pains, Juvenile Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Reiter's Syndrome, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Still's Disease, Synovial Inflammation):
 • There must have been NO hospital admissions within the last 12 months.
 • No more than 2 medications.
 • No mobility aids (other than walking stick or frame).
 • Must NOT be awaiting surgery.
 • Must have NO lung problems.

Down's Syndrome:
 • There must be NO associated conditions or complications (e.g. congenital heart disease, epilepsy, gastrointestinal abnormalities)

Hypercholesterolaemia (High Cholesterol):
 • No more than 1 medication.
 • Must NOT be the inherited form.
 • Must have been a non-smoker for at least 12 months.

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure):
 • Must NOT be associated with any underlying condition.

Osteoporosis (Osteopaenia, Fragile Bones, Thinning Bones):
 • There must have been NO vertebral (backbone) fractures

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